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At Oakmont of Las Vegas, it is easy to become a little spoiled when it comes to fine dining. Our executive chef and team of culinary professionals make every meal an experience. Not only has our culinary team been hand-selected from some of the finest culinary schools and fine dining facilities, but they have also undergone the extensive training Oakmont Senior Living has become known for.

It is this training that takes professionals who specialize in quality of service and ensures that they can accommodate any special needs that may come up due to dietary restrictions or health concerns. Since our fine dining must be experienced firsthand we would like to invite you to have a meal with us, on us.

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Meet Executive Chef Fernando Rodriguez.

Chef Fernando Rodriguez was exposed to the culinary industry at a young age; his father owned a produce truck and sold fruits and vegetables. After his father passed away, his mother because the primary earner in his household. Despite working a 12-hour shift, she would find time to cook for her children. When vacationing in Mexico, Chef Fernando assisted his uncles with cooking in their taco shops. His lifelong familial connection to the importance of food and the care it provides ultimately led him to a career in gourmet cuisine.

Chef Fernando attended the Art Institute of Orange County. He has a wide variety of experience in the field and discovered an interest in the senior living industry after working in one of Oakmont’s kitchens. As he put it, “I first chose to come to senior living as a training ground, but I enjoyed engaging with residents and hearing about their amazing life journeys and delighting them with the food I created. This is the industry for me.”

In his spare time, Chef Fernando enjoys spending time with his wife and cooking for their family.

We invite you to share a meal with us here at our world-class retirement community in Las Vegas, so that you can experience firsthand how Chef Fernando and his talented culinary team make every meal a gourmet experience for our residents and guests.

Just Some of The Classic Oakmont Senior Living Menu Items…

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Retirement Community Gourmet Dining
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